D1-D2 Private Ward

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide quality, cost effective specialist medical care to all patients admitted in this ward as well as training and research.

• We believe in excellence in our medical practice, services and governance to our patients, trainees and researchers.
• We believe in a holistic approach to comprehensive total patient care.
• We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and hence their involvement in the assessment, planning, diagnosis, intervention and evaluation of their medical services offered to them.
• We believe in openness to criticism, correction and introduction to new ideas.

• To provide quality, specialty and cost effective medical services to all patients admitted in this ward.
• To facilitate effective learning to staff, students and patients attached to this ward.
• To create a conducive environment for carrying out research and implementation of research findings.

The D-Floors are a private ward facility at Parirenyatwa Hospital. They comprise two sections, D-1 and D-2, that accommodate a maximum of 37 patients at any given time.

Both sections have an eastern and western wing offering the same basic services with minor differences on the amenities available to patients.

This wing comprises 22 rooms, two of which are executive suites and the remainder are single rooms. All rooms have individual toilets and bathrooms but share a balcony overlooking the beautiful hospital gardens. The executive suite is ideal for business executives who, depending on their condition and the doctor's advice, may want to meet colleagues and discuss business while recuperating. The suites come with a lounge area where patients can meet business associates (special arrangements can be made to have such meetings outside normal visiting hours).

This wing comprises 15 rooms. Two patients share a toilet and bathroom.

Other Facilities
• Visitors can while up time in-between visits in the spacious visitor's lounge.



Admission to the D-Floors is by special arrangements with your private doctor. So next time you or your relative have to be hospitalized, ask if he/she can book you in the Parirenyatwa D-Floors.

Please note that some doctors do not have the right of access to the hospital and, therefore, cannot refer patients to this facility. However, they can still book you through other doctors who have been granted right of access.

We accept all patients, except maternity, pediatrics (children under the age of 12) and infectious cases. Infectious cases are referred to the relevant hospitals.


• The food is prepared by qualified dieticians to try to match the patients dietary needs to the food prepared.
• Patients have a choice of two menus everyday but special dietary requested are also catered for.
• Hot or cold refreshments are served between meals.

• The staff is highly experienced and customer-oriented.
• Your personal doctor will still attend you during your stay at the hospital.

Drugs are readily available and where they are not in stock, they are sourced from outside by the hospital pharmacist. The patient will only pay for the drugs on discharge from hospital.