Ward B8

– Ext 2024
1. Departments mission statements / vision / aims and goals.
The mission of the ward is to support, promote the implementation of the nursing process holistically to provid good quality patient comfort considering their Bio-pyscho social modes.

2. Brief Information About the department.
It's a 30 bedded surgical ward administered by 15 full time registered nurses, 5 revolving student nurses and 5 nurse aids.
They admit patience with burns, diabetic foot, crocodile bites, electric burns, lightning burns and snake bites, perforated gastric ulcers, cancer patients (working in conjunction with A6 ward). Other common conditions of the upper and lower GIT (gastro intestinal tract) system like Intestinal obstruction and appendicitis .

3. Contact People (Emails & Contact Numbers).
For Internal – Will get permission from each individual to publish publicly

4. Sister R. Chikuvanyanga Sister in Charge 0773 217 446
Sister T. Madhewu Senior RGN 0777 342 121
Sister P. Magede Junior RGN 0772 586 736
Sister S.J. Munyoro Junior RGN 0777 648 011
Sister P. Chingwamari Junior RGN 0775 075 292
Mr. D. V. Maenzanise Junior RGN 0773 576 333
Mr W. Mizira Junior RGN 0773 333 265

5. Photos (Ofequipment, buildings etc – We also want to take photos if not available on Tuesday 7th of May).
Awards & Merits if any. NONE
Calendar of events / activities. NONE

6. Facilities.
1 x suctioning machine
1 x O2 cylinder
Fitted Flow meters in each cubicle and side wards
1 x Weight scale
Desktop Computer (as for each ward).
1 x BP Machine (Sphigmomanometer)

7. Vacancies / Employment opportunities. NONE

8. Notices / Forms / Brochures for download.
Charge Sheet for B4 & B8 - To scan and convert to PDF
Idea to get a request form for internal stationery – currently not avaialble

Notices when patients being admitted regards to security
Personal Blankets to be returned on admission and other admission procedure. (Kit Listing).
Theatre clearance notice (Patient will not be allowed into the theatre if not paid up, unless signed for by Attending Doctor as an emergency.

These can include pricing / costs, internal forms such as leave forms, proof of residence, Vehicle Request, fuel request, bank details, registration forms etc)