Ward B11

Mission Statement
To uplift standards of nursing care by working efficiently, effectively and equitably at all times

To make sure that war B11 is the customer's choice because of Excellent Nursing leadership and management done to its patients.

To promote and support health in all aspects, advocate and facilitate the provision of quality services and care to all the B11 patients.

To provide quality effective services to all patients admitted in the ward
To facilitate learning to staff, students and patients in the ward
To create a conducive environment for carrying outreach and implementation of research finding.

Orthopeadic ward:
All fractures except ribs, scull and spine
All wounds involving all joints
Oesteomylities (infection of the bones)
Dislocations (inflammation of joints)
Tendone infjuries
Traumatic amputations
Pathological fractures
30 beds
12 RGN, 5 Nurse aides, 5 student nurses

Ext 4032

1x Suctioning machine
1x O2 tank
Monkey chains
Sand bag
4x Bronze frame
2x Air Ring