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Mission Statement
Mbuya nehanda maternity Hospital unit which is part of the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals. It has an antenatal care and family planning units. Its purpose is to provide material Child Health care to all its clients. The clientele is drawn from the designated zones by way of referral system and from the obstetricians who have gained night to admit private patients into the hospital.

Aims: Our aim is to provide comprehensive material Child Health care to all our clients through:
• Safe guarding the client's right to privacy and confidentiality.
• Engaging that all patients care is within the limits of law.
• Assessing planning, implementing, evaluating and record keeping of the care given to clients.

The nursing department at Mbuya Nehanda in agreement with Parirenyatwa Hospital Policy is committed to the provision of quality material health care patients/clients, continued professional competence through education and discovery and implementation of new knowledge through research.

• Wards
• Creche (for Hospital staff)
• Anti Natal clinic
• Viac Clinic (cancer treatment): *with paying & non paying patients coming from OI clinic within PGH, outpatient's pay $15 for treatment.
• Family Planning Clinic

Labor Ward: 1st floor with 17 beds (5 of them are delivery rooms).
Caesarean Section ward: 1st floor with 30 beds.
Normal Delivery: Ground floor with 28 beds.
Neo-Natal intensive care unit: 2nd floor with 28 beds.
Kangaroo Unit: 2nd floor with 10 beds.
Ante-Natal ward: 2nd floor with 30 beds (pregnant ill women/not in labor)
Private Ward: 3rd floor with 22beds, 1 delivery room/single and double rooms.
Family planning clinic: Ground floor.

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