- 2 Lorries
- 7 staff busses
- 5 private cars for hospital (work as pool cars)
- 3 hired vehicles from CMED



Fuel allocation:
We have fuel tanks diesel and petrol (10 000liters each).
The Hospital procures fuel from NocZim, there is also a provision to get fuel from private fuel suppliers.
Tanks are usually used in times of crisis.

Service of Vehicles
Vehicles are serviced at the CMED workshop and other reputable garages e.g. Amtec, Duly's, AMC.

Staff Compliment
- Currently, 3 drivers (excluding Manager & Supervisor)
- 2 supervisor's & 6 drivers ( ideal set up)
- Drivers from Ambulance department report to Transport Department
- 1 fuel attendant and 2 attendants for mechanical.