Kidney and Dialysis Centre

We have the ability to offer the complete spectrum of care in dialysis and access to new technologies, systems and products.

This website will try to give information and support to the dialysis community in Zimbabwe. When you are diagnosed with kidney disease you need some sort of renal replacement therapy. It is some sort of therapy that replaces your kidney function. There are three (3) options.

Kidney Options
Renal replacement therapy in the form of:-

  • Haemodialysis
  • Pentoneal Dialysis
  • Kidney transplant

Basic counseling is offered to patients, significant others and family members in promoting, coordination and support for the ailing patient so as to attain optimum medical benefit to all the patients.

Clientele: Where are they from?

  • Private Doctors
  • Renal Clinic from Parirenyatwa Hospital
  • In-patients from the wards
  • Transfers from all over the world

Set Up
It has a 17 bedded unit, comprising of four (4) cubicles each cubicle with 4 beds.
One cubicle is reserved for a private cubicle which uses state of the art machines such as the (5008S FRESENIUS MACHINE) with advanced therapy and high reliability.


The remaining 3 cubicles are reserved as government cubicles which use the 4008 S (Online clearance monitoring OCM) HimoDifiltration (HDF)


Our machines are serviced by the Hospital Equipment & Maintenance Department (trained by FRESENIUS)
Every half year we have Engineers from South Africa (FRESENIUS) who come and service the machines.

Water Treatment Plant
Dialysis water treatment plants are made from specialised equipment and components to give high quality of treated water



We offer Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

Dialysis Times

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0300 hours to 2000 hours
  • Wednesdays from 0630 hours to 1100hours
  • Saturdays and Sunday (Standby in cases of emergency)

Highly qualified staff which provides the highest standard of care to all patients who treat patients with respect and dignity. We want to ensure that every patient experiences excellence each and every time they visit the dialysis center.


Dialysis Costs

Government patient
Cash - $110 per session
Medical aid  - $200 per session

Private patients
Cash - $180
Medical aid -  $200 per session

Organisations we work closely with

From Bulawayo
Mater Dei Hospital (Private)
Mpilo Central Hospital

From Harare
Harare Central Hospital
Dandaro Clinic (Private)

From Mutare
Murambi Gardens Clinic (Private)