This is the end-receiving department of the Hospital, which handles last office procedure/relay with ward information given to us. We keep dead bodies and do registration of dead bodies.

A body can only be discharged to its family when details are verified, if not satisfied an affidavit is asked for. A dead body is released with a burial order from the registrar.
We also take bodies from outside the Hospital e.g. Police.

If a body is unclaimed or no relatives are known- it is given a pauper burial. Also if relatives have no financial resources to bury the body, it is given a pauper burial after approval by the Social Welfare.
A body can be kept in the mortuary for a maximum period of 21days or 30 days in special cases.

Carrying Capacity
Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has 3 mortuaries.
2 have a carrying capacity of 27 each.
1 is undergoing renovation and has a carrying capacity of 12.

3 types of Postmortems (done on a daily basis)
1. Medical Interest
2. Police routine
3. Forensic

• We do postmortem of bodies (also from private hospitals but do not keep the bodies).
• We work hand in hand with various Pathologists