Main Theatre

"Heart Beat of PGH"

Mission Statement
• To provide a comprehensive, quality individualized operating theatre nursing care to all patients/clients during the peri operative period.
• To provide a conducive learning environment for all categories of students during clinical attachment.

We believe patients/clients are unique human beings. All team members, nurses, anesthetist and surgeons should form smart partnerships with the patients in order to achieve objectives.

• To reclaim the status of being a center of excellence in Southern Africa
• To have all 21 theatre suits to operate by 2015 so as to offer affordable and efficient surgical care to all people in Zimbabwe and internationally



• 21 operating rooms
• 13 are in main operating theatre (M.O.T)
• Deal with 10 specialties, which are:-

  1. Neurosurgery
  2. Ophthalmology
  3. Ear, nose & Throat
  4. Jaws
  5. Cardiothoracic
  6. Gynecology and obstetrics
  7. Orthopedics
  8. Urology
  9. Plastics
  10. General Surgery
  • We offer a 24-hour service for emergency cases.
  • Also accommodate private patients
  • Average of 1300 cases per monthvdsvs
  • Elective cases are done daily Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm
  • We have a viable Central Steam Sterilizing Department
  • We train post basic student in operating theater technique, nurse anesthetist and other post graduate attached are I.C.N nurses, Renal, midwives, ophthalmology. We also offer a conducive learning environment for medical students  and post graduate students.

Latest Developments

Introduced Endoscope Surgery,

  • The unit has got state of the art equipment where we do minimum access to surgery.
  • All Team members were trained on how to use and maintain the equipment.

"We value teamwork, which comprises of theater nurses, surgeon, anesthetist, potter and the cleaner"

Staff Compliment

  • Senior Nursing officer/Matron
  • 11 Sisters in charge
  • 19 Theater trained nurses
  • 27 Reg General nurses
  • 14 Nurse aids
  • 7 Potters (those who ferry patients in and out of theatre)
  • 1 House keeper


Overall winner 2012 P.G.H open day. (scooped all three awards)
* Best Stand
* Best Presentation